Thursday, September 26, 2013


Acceptance helps to live without frustration and also to move on and grow. Acceptance is many fold – one is acceptance of self and second is acceptance of others and third is acceptance of life and world

Shortcomings in self (I am not beautiful, I am not intelligent etc) leads to frustration. If one is not able to accept, this result in feeling of hopelessness as we then loses motivation to make efforts and grow. But acceptance does not mean that there is no scope of improvement. Acceptance does not mean stagnation. It only means not to feel too negative about how the conditions are. Once you accept, you are calm and this helps in channelizing your energies into efforts to improve conditions and make life better.

Acceptance of others means not to be judgemental about others. Accept them as they are. Every human being is unique. Others may not think or act as you would. That does not mean he or she is wrong or bad. Even if there are some obvious errors, do not judge. To err is human. Most of the times intentions of the other person are not bad but we assume so. Forgive others. This will make you feel better. And even if you wish to bring about some change then try love in place of anger. You will get better results.

No one can have a life as per his or her choice. There are bound to be disappointments, failures, losses or other reasons of unhappiness. Acceptance helps one to move on. And remember if you have not accepted, the negative emotions will hurt your health both physical and mental. So there is no point carrying negativity. Accept life as it comes and move on. You will be able to live light and enjoy life.

Caution : Acceptance does not mean that you let laziness make excuses and do not make efforts to bring about positive changes. It is our duty to make positive efforts to make things better.

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