Thursday, September 26, 2013


Human beings are in the habit of accumulation. Be it wealth, clothes, jewelry and even memory. We tend to overlook need, utility and the bad effect this puts on us. It progresses to the extent of addiction. We add on and on. We may not use them or even remember that we have them but the feeling of having ‘much’ with or without in comparison to others becomes necessary. The basic cause behind this is insecurity and inferiority.

The person may feel gratified with accumulation but is not able to live a real happy life. A feeling of insufficiency will always bother. The burden of dependence does not allow freedom of mind. These accumulations are used to create an identity. But the real elements of identity are not worked upon. This affects the growth which in turn affects happiness.

We as human beings need independence and freedom to let our mind grow and develop. Therefore avoid unnecessary accumulations in life.

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