Saturday, July 16, 2016


Have you set your aim? Most of us live on autopilot mode. We are driven by circumstances. We do not realize how important it is to set goals and aim for them. This is true for every aspect of life. Your aim helps your brain to focus and create priorities. It then becomes clear what is important and what is not. One can then use time and energy according to such set priorities.

Aim of life is the platform on which life unfolds. There is not point feeling sorry about destiny. You can set aim of your life. Let your inner self speak for what you love most. You can then set your aim of life. It can be some profession, being creative, social service, self growth, spiritual development or even just being happy. This aim will create energy, thoughts, motivation and the driving force. You will start getting ideas about your aim and soon you will be able to see your path. All you need to do is move on with consistency without giving up. This aim will give you the identity and your life the meaning.

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