Monday, August 8, 2016


Alertness makes one ready for life. It is one thing that can save one from many traumas, difficulties, failures and other problems of life. It can also enhance one’s function and efficiency. This makes the difference between dullness and sharpness. To the extent that it can make difference between life and death. Life can be unpredictable both in problems and opportunities. To be safe from problems and to avail maximum from opportunities, one should be prepared. Alertness is the basic component of preparedness. How can one become more alert? To begin with one must shed casual attitude and must understand the unpredictable nature of life. One must keep all senses active along with mental activeness. Physical fitness, sufficient sleep & rest, avoidance of excess eating, avoidance of alcohol and other abuses, practice of yoga meditation also adds to mental alertness. Organized life and better lifestyle can also help. The biggest help comes from focusing mind on purpose of life including day to day activities. Life is nothing but collection of daily activities. To create a good life, one must create good daily activities. For this alertness comes very handy. 

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