Wednesday, August 31, 2016


One can ask why it is good to have altruism? Because it is good for you, for others and for entire humanity. Altruism or helping others in selfless manner is shown even by other animals, birds and insects. It is more crucial for human beings. It is commonly said that man is a social animal.We live in inter-connected and inter-dependent environment. We have needs and states which requires support of others. If we all believe in only self satisfaction, we all will remain unsatisfied and unfulfilled. This will lead to frustration and negativity leading to every possible evil. Many people are in a state in which they need big help and support. Thus is the need of people to extend helping hand without any selfish interest or ulterior motive. This can help in saving humanity from suffering and in improving quality of life. The overall growth in turn will help world in becoming a happier place and more developed too. Altruism is not only for helping others, it gives immense satisfaction and sense of purpose and meaningfulness to the person. Great people like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King have lived an altruistic life helping millions during their lifetime and still inspiring and helping.

Some people have altruism as inherent trait. Others can develop it. One of the most important way to develop it is by sensitizing people towards pain and suffering of others. This should start early in childhood. Meditation and Mindfulness can also help in developing altruism. Reading about great altruistic leaders is another way. NGO's are actively doing altruistic works worldwide. Events can be organized to involve people in such activities.

Humanity must choose - rise together through altruism or get destroyed through selfishness.

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Monday, August 8, 2016


Alertness makes one ready for life. It is one thing that can save one from many traumas, difficulties, failures and other problems of life. It can also enhance one’s function and efficiency. This makes the difference between dullness and sharpness. To the extent that it can make difference between life and death. Life can be unpredictable both in problems and opportunities. To be safe from problems and to avail maximum from opportunities, one should be prepared. Alertness is the basic component of preparedness. How can one become more alert? To begin with one must shed casual attitude and must understand the unpredictable nature of life. One must keep all senses active along with mental activeness. Physical fitness, sufficient sleep & rest, avoidance of excess eating, avoidance of alcohol and other abuses, practice of yoga meditation also adds to mental alertness. Organized life and better lifestyle can also help. The biggest help comes from focusing mind on purpose of life including day to day activities. Life is nothing but collection of daily activities. To create a good life, one must create good daily activities. For this alertness comes very handy. 

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Saturday, July 16, 2016


Have you set your aim? Most of us live on autopilot mode. We are driven by circumstances. We do not realize how important it is to set goals and aim for them. This is true for every aspect of life. Your aim helps your brain to focus and create priorities. It then becomes clear what is important and what is not. One can then use time and energy according to such set priorities.

Aim of life is the platform on which life unfolds. There is not point feeling sorry about destiny. You can set aim of your life. Let your inner self speak for what you love most. You can then set your aim of life. It can be some profession, being creative, social service, self growth, spiritual development or even just being happy. This aim will create energy, thoughts, motivation and the driving force. You will start getting ideas about your aim and soon you will be able to see your path. All you need to do is move on with consistency without giving up. This aim will give you the identity and your life the meaning.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016


Mind hears and follows. It is now established that your mind is your faithful servant. All you need to do is to tell it something positive. But there is a way of doing this. These positive self talk or affirmations must be done with conviction and on regular basis. These affirmations will do well if they are clear and well directed to a particular behavior, need or goal. These can be well used to enhance mental abilities, to change habits, to improve lifestyle and even to improve psychic powers.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Growth of aesthetic sense is part of overall human growth. It is the ability to appreciate finer aspects and beauty. It is not limited only to artists. It is of good help for everyone to live a life full of quality awareness and experience. Anyone can develop aesthetic sense. To begin with one must develop a need to develop it so that one can start ‘seeing’ things from different perspective. One should expose self to finer elements and learn from how others appreciate such elements. One needs to apply self and all senses to appreciate finer aspects and beauty. Nature is best teacher of aesthetic sense. Go out and appreciate beauty of nature. See its colors, sounds, smells, texture and appreciate the feelings these generate inside you. One can also visit art gallery, music concerts, see architecture around and try to appreciate finer elements. One should also try to apply and incorporate such finer elements in day to day life. Every activity how so ever small can be done in aesthetic manner. It is just a matter of time one can develop and experience aesthetics of life.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Advice is helpful. It can support, ease stress, help in growth and at times can save life as well. But remember – let there be no advice without asking. If you want to advice someone then do not do this in an impulse. First you must analyze whole picture, try to understand the person. Try to understand his or her unique circumstances. Once you understand the complete picture then show all possible options and explain merits and demerits of all. Make sure not to give destructive advice. And most important, never force an advice. Do not feel bad or express disapproval if the person does not agree with your advice. Respect his or her right to choose.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016


Life is all about balance. For order to be maintained one has to see what is right for self and others. This may vary from condition to condition. But the basic idea is to make sure there is no undue advantage. Neither one should expect this for self or give to others. If this is not done, this results in easy gain for some and frustration and injustice for others. Both prove harmful for people and humanity.

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