Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Life is all about action. All great people are known because of their actions and achievements. Even in today’s world all successful, rich, famous and celebrities are those whose life is driven by action. You can be one such too. Reduce wastage of energy on too much thinking, speaking and purposeless activities. At the same do not plan too much or too big. Focus on systematic, sensibly planned action rather than result.

Do not wait for events to occur. Be proactive to take action in time. An action in time can save you from disaster and yield good results.

Let your actions be positive and constructive. Think positive, feel positive, speak positive, act positive, interact positive. No point thinking or feeling negative about yourself or circumstances. Remember opportunities lies in you not in circumstances. Even in negative circumstance, keep calm and act positive.

There are two enemies within. Lethargy and impulsiveness. Shed lethargy and be active. Let your actions be the source of energy. Do not be impulsive as this will only results in wrong and bad actions. Judge the situation and act appropriately.

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