Saturday, January 24, 2015


Addiction, of any nature, is sure way to destruction. It can be addiction of smoking, alcohol, substance abuse, gambling, sex and pornography, internet TV mobiles, excess eating or any other thing or activity. Initially we do things as we get pleasure but soon they take over and become compulsion to the extent that one start receding from real life. This results in poor condition in real life and frustration that act as further pull towards addiction.

It is not difficult to defeat addiction and create a healthy happy life. The process is easy to understand and act upon. First thing to do is to accept honestly that one has a particular addiction and would like to come out of it. One must chose growth option and set a goal of healthy and happy life free from addiction. Explore deep feelings, what is causing the addiction. Explore if there is any psychological basis, any insecurity or stress. Do not postpone. Work on these factors. It is always good to work under supervision of some professional who can understand and manage both addictions and their psychological basis. Support groups and Rehab centers are also helpful. Deeper psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and natural therapies like homeopathy, acupuncture and yoga are very helpful.

Improve your lifestyle. Exercise regularly, eat healthy food and have sound sleep. Slowly reduce dependence on addiction. There will be slips in between. Do not get discouraged. Take full support of family and friends. Induce some healthy positive habits. Remember it is slow but sure transition from addiction to healthy state.

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