Saturday, November 10, 2012


Abundance is subjective. The abundance is not in bank accounts. It is in mind, heart and soul. It is an attitude. Some people are able to create an atmosphere of abundance around them within limited resources while others live in the grip of scarcity even if they are blessed with a lot.

There are few things one can learn to have the state of abundance.

1. No competition - Those who compete with others for material things can never have feeling of abundance.

2. Quality not quantity - Focus more on quality of life rather than gathering quantity.

3. Creativity and resourcefulness - A little bit of application and being resourceful, you may create innovations in having a state of plenty.

4. Good management - It's all about management. Learn to manage your resources because if you manage well, you will never be short of. And that's what abundance is.

Finally, beware of present day seminars on abundance. Most of them are focused on attracting more and more money which never happens and you come out worse.  Be sensible ! Be happy !

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