Friday, March 3, 2017


Ambition is something which gives a person hope and purpose. If they are realistic, they can help like a guide to future growth. But unfortunately they sometimes causes despair and frustration. Reason of this is when ambitions are unrealistic, not well planned or when not backed up with persistent step wise effort, it is likely that one may face disappointment. There is nothing wrong in being ambitious. In fact it is a positive trait. One must keep few things in mind when it comes to ambition.

Ambitions must be realistic. Do not set ambitions which only satisfy your ego and in long run cause frustration. Understand the difference between ambition and desires. Desires and wishful thinking has got nothing to do with ambition. If one only day dream or wish to be somebody without thoughtful plan and action, then such desires only result in suffering. Ambitions must match your value system. They must be in harmony with your core. Do not let any temptation be seen as ambition. Once you set realistic ambition, follow with careful planning and persistent effort. They may be setbacks in between. Reassess your plan and action. Make necessary changes but do not give up easily. Remember, you will not be able to see entire path right from beginning. You will see path as you progress.


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