Friday, September 27, 2013


We create self identity and happiness through achievements. If we see our journey of life achievements starts early in life. A child grasp something or learns to sit or walk is achievement. We learn to dress, read and write, progress in school and college, get a job and rise, earn money and fame, develop new relations and so on. Achievements can be academic, professional, financial, social, emotional, personal, spiritual etc. They all help in shaping our personality.

Achievements depends on:
-       Ambitions
-       Value of achievements
-       Assessment of self abilities
-       Past achievements
-       Motivation level  
-       Approach to task

If you wish to be an achiever, then:

-       Make realistic assessment of self and circumstances
-       Set realistic goals and plan your task carefully
-       Make consistent effort
-       Do not let both success and failure affect your journey

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