Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Growth of aesthetic sense is part of overall human growth. It is the ability to appreciate finer aspects and beauty. It is not limited only to artists. It is of good help for everyone to live a life full of quality awareness and experience. Anyone can develop aesthetic sense. To begin with one must develop a need to develop it so that one can start ‘seeing’ things from different perspective. One should expose self to finer elements and learn from how others appreciate such elements. One needs to apply self and all senses to appreciate finer aspects and beauty. Nature is best teacher of aesthetic sense. Go out and appreciate beauty of nature. See its colors, sounds, smells, texture and appreciate the feelings these generate inside you. One can also visit art gallery, music concerts, see architecture around and try to appreciate finer elements. One should also try to apply and incorporate such finer elements in day to day life. Every activity how so ever small can be done in aesthetic manner. It is just a matter of time one can develop and experience aesthetics of life.

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