Friday, March 30, 2018


Anger is like fire. It can cause severe damage to you and others. Instead of being angry and letting it damage you recognize the cause and true feeling. In most cases you will have a valid reason to be angry. But you may not be handling it properly. To get real solution to your anger, you need to know real cause of anger. Try to understand the real cause of anger. Sometimes what you see a cause is a mere trigger whereas real cause is hidden deep. It could be anything, a long standing frustration, lack of feeling of self competence, feeling of being treated unjust or even lack of sleep or rest. In many cases real issue is elsewhere than where it is expressed. Think in terms of real cause and then look for correct solution or response.

In social context it is crucial to have other person’s version too. Listen to other party, let him or her explain. They may be right from their perspective. It is possible in a situation for both sides to be correct and still have conflict. Do not assume negative intentions of other person. It is always good to give benefit of doubt. Wait and analyze situation and suggest remedial action. Communicate your feelings correctly. Express what has hurt you and how you are feeling. Express in terms of I instead of blaming the other person. Set and respect your own and other person’s space and boundaries. And finally, forgive. Nothing and no one is perfect. We all make mistakes. One can create more happiness if one can forgive and forget.


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