Monday, October 22, 2012


All human beings are full of abilities. Yes, have faith in yourself, all are full of abilities. Some of them come to surface but most remain as potential abilities. But some people seem to be different and have more abilities. The basic reason behind this is that we are not aware. Lack of awareness that all abilities can be grown, lead to their deficiency.

People do differ in potential because –
(a) genetically they inherit different levels of different abilities
(b) their exposure / training in different abilities varies and
(c) how they manage their abilities differs.

Factor A is not under control but B and C are. For growth of abilities, one needs to become aware of the ability, get exposed to relevant & conducive environment, get required training and manage your abilities well by making best use of them. By paying sufficient attention to factor B and C one can overcome any lack of factor A. So next time when you see someone ‘naturally gifted’, you know how you can be better. You can be best in any field, all you need to do is nurture the ability.

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